Lorulean Soldiers are the Lorulean counterparts of the Hyrulean Soldiers that appears in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Like their Hyrulean counterparts, they are soldiers who defend the Royal Family of Lorule and protect kingdom of Lorule. However due to the destruction of Lorule's Triforce by members the Royal Family of Lorule in an attempt to end the countless conflicts over their worlds Triforce, the land of Lorule fell into ruin and most of its members lost faith in the Royal Family defected to serve Gemesaur King and became Lorule Guards. The only member of the Lorulean Soldiers who apparently remain is the Lorule Captain, who hides out in Thieves' Town's Milk Bar.

There uniform resembles that worn by their Hyrulean counterparts, however the Lorulean Soldier's uniform color is purple instead of red.