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Linebeck Trading is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Located in the Trading Post area of the Forest Realm, Linebeck Trading is a company owned by Linebeck III. Here, he sells Train Parts in return for treasure. He will also buy various types of treasure from Link for various amounts of Rupees; the most expensive items will sell for up to 2,500, while the least expensive will sell for as little as fifty.

Linebeck Trading

Link in Linebeck Trading

At one point, Linebeck III asks for Link to deliver some Dark Ore from the Dark Ore Mine. If Link succeeds in bringing Linebeck III at least five Dark Ore, Linebeck III will give Link a Force Gem, which grants access to the Lost at Sea Station. After the Force Gem has been obtained, Linebeck III will still ask for Dark Ore, but Link will be rewarded with either an Alchemy Stone or a Regal Ring instead, both worth 2,500 Rupees if traded back to Linebeck III; however, if Link fails to bring at least five Dark Ore, Linebeck III will scoff at Link and instead give him a Huge Green Rupee.

Interestingly, on display in the trading post is a statue of Tingle, along with another statue that depicts a similar character to Tingle, but dressed in yellow; in addition to a replica of the telescope Aryll uses in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

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