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"You got the Life Medal! Your maximum number of hearts is increased by one as long as you carry this with you."
— In-game description

Life Medals are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are stored in Link's Adventure Pouch, and as long as a Life Medal is kept inside the pouch, it will add one Heart Container to Link's total; this is to compensate the less-than-twenty Heart Containers and Pieces of Heart available. There are two Life Medals in the game: one can be purchased at Beedle's Air Shop for 800 Rupees and the other is found inside a Treasure Chest activated by a Goddess Cube. Unlike all other medals in the game, Life Medals are a platinum or silver color rather than gold. Also, unlike when obtaining a Heart Container or Piece of Heart, when Link equips a Life Medal, the new container that he is granted will be empty, and he must fill it with a heart.

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