This article is about Level 9, a dungeon of the First Quest. For the dungeon in the Second Quest, see Level 9 (Second Quest).

Level 9, also known as "The Skull" (aka Death Mountain[1] or Skull Labyrinth or Skull Dungeon), is the ninth and final dungeon of the First Quest in The Legend of Zelda. It is here that Link journeys to free Princess Zelda from her cruel captor, Gannon. The dungeon's layout is in the shape of a skull, and fans of the game generally agree that level 9 is the hardest of the dungeons. At eight screens by eight screens, it is easily the largest of the dungeons, and is half the size of the total overworld.

The entrance to the dungeon is found by bombing the left-hand rock in the formation called Spectacle Rock. Link will not be permitted to go any farther than the second room unless he has completely reassembled the Triforce of Wisdom. The key items to be found are the Red Ring, which will reduce damage done to Link by three-quarters, and the Silver Arrows, which are necessary to defeat Gannon.



Level 9 is found on Death Mountain, inside Spectacle Rock. Link must bomb the wall on the left rock to reveal the entrance.







Map of Level 9 during the First Quest

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