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"Why, young sir... I must say, you seem to be in possession of a very fine Picto Box there! Are you a lover of pictographs, as well? There can be no villains amongst the ranks of Picto Box-lovers! Take your time. Look around, I implore you!"
— Lenzo

Lenzo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. A pictographer residing on Windfall Island, he has a tendency to get into people's problems and tries to help them out in his own way. Because of this, he gives Link the task of taking three pictographs of four different people around Windfall Island who he believes need his help. Once Link has completed these tasks, Lenzo will upgrade Link's Picto Box to a Deluxe Picto Box if he is brought a Forest Firefly from the Forest Haven, which allows Link to take color pictographs. In the HD re-release, Link does not need to bring Lenzo the Forest Firefly, as it is no longer needed.


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In his younger days, Lenzo explored the Great Sea tirelessly and took many pictographs of the places he visited, and put them on display on the second floor of his shop on Windfall Island. He also struck a relationship with a certain woman on Outset Island. Eventually, Lenzo's Picto Box was stolen by someone, an incident that he has not gotten over even when he met Link.

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Legendary Pictographs

Main article: Legendary Pictograph

These pictographs can be bought from Lenzo and are pictures of things that Link cannot get otherwise, with the exception of Ganondorf and Princess Zelda since he can Pictograph them during the final battle, to make the Nintendo Gallery figurines. During each phase of the moon, he sells a different pictograph. The list is as follows:


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If Link looks at the picture depicting Outset Island, Lenzo tells him that he, as a younger man, once had a relationship with a woman on that island, and that she would be an elderly woman by the time of Link's adventure. The only elderly woman on Outset Island is Link's Grandma, suggesting that Link's Grandma is Lenzo's love interest from his younger days. Furthermore, this opens up the possibility that Lenzo could be Link's grandfather, but this cannot be verified in any way.

Since a Picto Box can be found in within the secret tunnels of the Town Jail, just next to where Tingle was imprisoned, it seems that Tingle was the one who stole Lenzo's Picto Box in the past and hid it deep inside the secret cavern, setting Rats to guard the tunnels with trapdoors; the fact that Tingle was arrested and placed in jail further enforces that he was condemned of this crime. However, this theory has some conflicts, namely that the Killer Bees mentioned that the thief managed to escape prison if Link talks to them before busting Tingle out.

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Lenzo's name is probably derived from the word "lens", as in a photographic lens, referring to Lenzo's love for photography.

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