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Legend of Zelda: The Lampshade (also known as Legend of Zelda: The Lampshade of No Real Significance) is a fan-made flash video game originally created for Newgrounds by The Super Flash Bros. The game parodies the Legend of Zelda series, with the gameplay consisting of one lengthy trading sequence, a typical convention in the series. A few other Nintendo characters besides Link are included as NPCs, as well as the creators and other famous video game characters, including flash video creator Legendary Frog, who is also referenced by one item being called the Frog of Legend. Link cannot die or get hurt in this game, and has no sword.


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Link starts out in a desert and enters a cave, where he faces the Invincible Sewer Demon: Lampshade Guardian. Link kills the beast by pulling the plug on it, and takes the Lampshade. His task is to take it to the Temple of Light. He climbs out of the well into the town of Hyscule where the guard of the temple, Randy, asks him to buy him a burger and Sprite at McDonalds. Randy gives Link the Big Bag of Money. However, he finds that a man named John has already eaten the last burger. Link gives the money to Dim, who gives him the Girly Hair Products. Link gives them to Samus Aran at McDonalds, and she gives Link a Toy Iron. Link gives it to the suicidal Heihachi, who chews on it, chokes, and falls dead into his grave. Link takes his prized Vase and uses it with the well (now inexplicably filled with water) to give to Dan to wake up his unconscious brother JT. Dan lets Link keep the Frog of Legend in the water. Link gives the frog to Snake, who eats it and gives Link the Tiger Face Paints. Link gives them to Kirby, who gives him the Taser. Link uses it to try to shock the still-unconscious JT awake, but it kills him instead. Dan gets all JT's stuff but lets Link keep the Lightgun. Link gives it to Dante at the graveyard and he gives Link his Shovel. Link uses it to dig up a Human Corpse. Link takes the corpse to McDonalds, where the meat is used to make a hamburger. Link gives the burger to Randy (who subsequently suffers a stomachache) and enters the Temple of Light and places the Lampshade, perfecting the room's feng shui and ending the game. However, after the game ends, Link can still move freely throughout the screen, even off screen.

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