"Saved again... Am I so wrong for just wanting to sit by the river? It's getting so I can't even take a walk anymore. That's life these days, I guess. Whatever. I'm going back to the stable."
— Leekah

Leekah is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Leekah is a Hylian traveler who can be found throughout Hyrule. She is one of the travelers whom Link can rescue from monsters. After being rescued she will take refuge in a nearby Stable. Link can encounter her in several areas, and if nearby enemies knock Leekah out, she will angrily admonish Link for standing by and letting her get hurt, even if he was not present at that moment. If Link manages to defeat the Bokoblin attacking her with out her getting knocked out, she will reward him with a random food dish or if his cooking inventory is full a random ingredient.

If Link talks to her back at the Stable, she will mention that one hundred years ago there where much less monsters and she could actually take a peaceful walk through the countryside, though can't imagine what that would be like now.