This article is about the A Link to the Past bosses. For the recurring enemy, see Lanmola.

Lanmolas (ラネモーラ Ranemōra?, Lanemola) are the bosses of the Desert Palace, the second dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. They are a trio of green, worm-like creatures with the ability to burrow under the sand. Lanmolas make a second appearance in Ganon's Tower as mini-bosses, the room they are fought in being altered only slightly to include a fire turret.


Once the battle begins, the Lanmolas surface from beneath the sand and fly through the air for a short period of time before re-submerging. Their emergence from the sand kicks up chunks of rock to the diagonals that can damage Link. Link can damage the Lanmolas with his sword, Bombs or arrows when they are emerging or when their heads are close to the ground. The Lanmolas are especially vulnerable to the Ice Rod, which can defeat them in two hits each. It is possible to defeat the final Lanmola with the Ice Rod before it can dig back into the ground.

When only one Lanmola remains, it projects eight rock chunks when it burrows out of the ground, which fly in the cardinal and diagonal directions. For this reason, it is helpful to inflict significant damage on the third Lanmola before defeating the first and second ones.


Lanmolas (A Link to the Past)02:32

Lanmolas (A Link to the Past)

Lanmolas Ganon's Tower (A Link to the Past)00:33

Lanmolas Ganon's Tower (A Link to the Past)

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