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Lana (ラナ Rana?, Hylian LHylian AHylian NHylian A), the White Sorceress (白の魔女 Shiro no Majo?), is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. She is a young, energetic sorceress with a deep knowledge of spells and monsters and is ready to use everything in her power to support Hyrule in the War Across the Ages.

She is voiced by Minako Kotobuki.

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Lana and Cia have an unspoken hostility, beyond even the normal anger brought about by war. Sharing a mysterious connection with the Black Sorceress, Lana is fiercely determined to put a halt to her plans, even at the cost of her own life or happiness. Despite her optimistic nature, her natural athletic energy serves her well and allows her to quickly dive around her enemies and attack with her book of sorcery, which utilizes electrifying spells that her enemies never see coming. She has a bright spirit and positive energy, dancing and striking cheerful poses in battle.

Despite her and Cia's antagonism towards one another, Lana still cares for Cia's well being, trying to convince to stop her mad quest to possess the Triforce and Link's soul. This indicates that Lana due in part to her optimistic nature may believe that Cia has a chance at redemption. She also seems to harbor strong feelings for Link, though she is aware that the two of them are not meant to be together, and is able to accept this. Despite knowing their relationship will never be romantic, she still cares greatly for Link, supporting him as a trusted ally and friend, as well as putting her life on the line to protect him. She also gets along well with Princess Zelda, who comes to view Lana as a trusted friend.


War Across the Ages

Before Cia's invasion of Hyrule began, Lana protected fairies from the Dark Forces, who had been hunting them to prevent them from assisting the Hylian Forces in the coming conflict. She managed to save Proxi and several other fairies, but was defeated by Cia and Dark Forces when she tried to confront them on Hyrule Field, preventing her from aiding the Hylian Forces during the Dark Forces' invasion of Hyrule.

After Cia ignited the conflict between her forces and the Hylian Forces, Lana led a resistance force in Faron Woods with the Great Deku Tree as her main base.

The rumor of a young woman leading a force there prompt Link and Impa to make their way there hoping it is the missing Zelda, who unbeknownst to them had disguised herself as the mysterious Sheikah warrior Sheik. They instead encountered Lana, who explains she is from the same clan as Cia and offers to tell them what she knew about Cia and the Dark Forces in exchange for their assistance in defeating the Dark Forces attacking Faron Woods.

Their combined forces manage to push an army of monsters led by Wizzro out of Faron Woods. Telling them that Cia had opened a Gate of Souls that allowed her to summon monsters to swarm Hyrule, Lana joins Link, Impa and Sheik into assaulting the Valley of Seers to close the Gate. Unfortunately, Cia steals the Triforce pieces from Link and Sheik and opens up more Gates of Souls across three moments of time and dimensions in Hyrule's history. Lana heads to the Twilight Realm while Link heads for Skyloft, and Sheik and Impa to Death Mountain to find and close their respective Gate of Souls.

While searching for the Gate of Souls in the Twilight Realm, Lana takes a detour to rescue Agitha from a horde of monsters, ultimately recruiting her to the greater cause. She also encounters Midna, who seeks vengeance on Cia for cursing her into her imp form. A misunderstanding and her stealing Agitha's butterfly in tracking Cia down cause Lana and Midna to briefly clash before it was cleared up, and Midna joins the cause. After Lana and her allies defeat Zant and confront Cia in the Palace of Twilight, the White Sorceress reveals that she and Cia used to be the same person. When an evil force corrupted the Guardian of Time with the darkness in her own heart, all of her light and goodness was expelled from her body - Lana is the physical manifestation of that light. She continues to aid her allies in battle against Cia, but grows increasingly concerned for her other half as she pushes her spirit to its limits against her foes.

As Lana feared, Cia ultimately exhausts her life force while attempting to empower her army against Zelda's forces in a final battle at the Valley of Seers. Lana attempts to comfort her dark counterpart in her final moments, explaining that she overcomes her unrequited attraction to Link by simply accepting the fact that the hero is destined to serve Zelda and protect Hyrule instead of be with her. This explanation allows Cia to let go of her jealousy as she fades away, allowing Lana to claim the Triforce of Power; with it, she is able to help Zelda and Link undo the damage Cia did to the fabric of time and space.

Unfortunately, Ganondorf, the evil force that had corrupted Cia in the first place, fully resurrects and begins a conquest of Hyrule in search of the Triforce. He travels to the Valley of Seers to claim the Triforce of Power from Lana. Despite her best efforts and the assistance of the Hyrulean Army, led by Impa, Lana is forced to retreat. In a last-ditch effort, she splits herself into two, similar to Cia's own ability, but Ganondorf defeats both Lanas and reclaims the Triforce of Power.

Following Ganondorf's victory at Hyrule Castle and assembling of the full Triforce, Lana joins Zelda, Link, and Impa in attacking Ganondorf's stronghold in Gerudo Desert, hoping to cut off the Demon King's military at its base. They meet fierce resistance from Zant and Ghirahim, but Lana is able to summon the heroes from the other realms to turn the tide against the villains.

With Ganondorf's lieutenants defeated, the Hylian Army returns to Hyrule Castle, now transformed into a dark fortress from which Ganondorf prepares a ritual to increase his power even further. Lana participates in the final battle, using part of her own life force to empower the Light Arrows when Ganondorf transforms into Ganon. Following Ganon's defeat, Lana once again acquires the Triforce of Power and works with the other Triforce bearers to defeat the monstrous Demon King once and for all. However she realizes there is one last thing that needs to be done in order to prevent Ganondorf from escaping again and she insists that it must be done by Link and Zelda alone, admitting that it is their destiny to protect Hyrule together as they have always done. She then bids Zelda and Link one last goodbye as they head to the Temple of the Sacred Sword to return the Master Sword back to its sacred pedestal.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

In Hyrule Warriors Legends it is revealed that after Ganon's defeat, Lana returned to the Valley of Seers to search for Cia, who had mysteriously vanished after her defeat. However while she was distracted by her search (via use of her crystal ball), she was attacked by a mysterious shadowy figure who stole her Triforce of Power. Believing the theft had something to do with Cia's disappearance, Lana continued her search, eventually sensing multiple Gate of Souls appearing in Gerudo Desert. There she teams up with her old friends/allies Link and Proxi, along with the Pirate Tetra from the Era of the Great Sea who had been kidnapped by Helmaroc King following the defeat of Boss Blin by her and Link. Joining forces with Link and Tetra, Lana manages to close the Gate of Souls and defeat Helmaroc King. Afterwards she and her allies encounter King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, who reveals that the one behind Cia's disappearance and the theft of the Triforce of Power originated from the Era of the Great Sea. He then joins them in journeying to the Temple of Souls to search for Cia.

There Lana finds that Cia's souls has been sealed within the temple which is guarded by a doppelgänger of Cia known as Dark Cia. After driving off Dark Cia, Lana restores Cia to her physical body, though she is weakened. Cia reveals that Dark Cia had been absorbing Cia's power in an attempt to become her. Lana joins King Daphnes, Tetra, and Link in defending Cia from Dark Cia and her Dark Link subordinates. Following Dark Cia's defeat, Cia reveals the one behind everything is Ganondorf's Phantom from the Era of the Great Sea: Phantom Ganon. It is revealed that he stole the Triforce of Power to use it to warp time and space to summon the Era of the Great Sea to Hyrule and created Dark Cia to absorb Cia's power. Cia is revealed to be dying from having her magic stolen, but despite her condition joins Lana and the Hylian Forces in traveling to the merged Wind and Earth Temples to defeat Phantom Ganon.

Together with Cia, Link, Tetra, and King Daphnes they defeat Phantom Ganon and Cia is saved from dying by the Triforce of Power. Together with the redeemed Cia, Link, and Princess Zelda, Lana uses the Triforce to undo the damage done by Phantom Ganon's misuse of the Triforce of Power. After bidding farewell to Link, Zelda, and Impa, Lana returns with Cia to the Valley of the Seers.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Wind Waker - Watchers of the Triforce Lana & Cia - Watchers of the Triforce (Stylized Cutscene)

Lana & Cia as the twin Guardians of Time at the end of Hyrule Warriors Legends

There the two take over their former self's role, as the twin Guardians of Time and overseers of the Triforce, sharing the Triforce of Power between themselves. In the stylized cutscenes, Lana dons robes similar to those worn by the original Guardian of Time.


Lana Book of Sorcery

As the light embodiment of the Guardian of Time, Lana possess many traits of her original self. Her default weapon is the Book of Sorcery, a tome filled with spells and craft. The light sorceress has displayed few magic in the battlefield, mainly creating magical blocks that assist Lana is many ways such as, trapping, pushing, or utterly destroying her enemies. In many cutscenes, she is seen to sent out a large amount of lightning to eliminate her foes, entirely wiping out the area. Like many characters in the Legend of Zelda, Lana has the abilities to heal injured allies. She can also duplicate herself similar to her dark twin, Cia.

The White Sorceress also carries a Spear made from a stick from the Great Deku Tree. With this weapon, she can summon trees and small creatures to aid her in battle. Her speed with the weapon is slow, though it is equipped with proper damage, allowing Lana to rip through the mission as fast as possible. It is of the Water element.

Her last weapon is the Summoning Gate, a portal that can summon bosses (King Dodongo, Manhandla, Gohma, and Argorok). As the only way she could use this weapon, it is presumed Cia and Lana can both control the Gate of Souls, the doorway of time itself. Her strong attack allows her to summon a random creature and if the sorceress performs the corresponding combo that follows the animal, the combo will be improved. It is of the Fire element.

Movesets and Weapons

Book of Sorcery


Summoning Gate

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Dark Lana

Hyrule Warriors Lana Dark Lana (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Lana from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Lana is a Dark shadowy doppelganger of Lana. Unlike Dark Link and Dark Cia, Dark Lana has no role in the main story of either Hyrule Warriors or Hyrule Warriors Legends, and appears only as an enemy in Adventure Mode. She uses the same movesets and drops the same Materials as Lana.

Material Drops

Hyrule Warriors Materials Lana's Hair Clip (Silver Material drop)
Hyrule Warriors Materials Lana's Cloak (Gold Material drop)


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The magic tomes that Lana uses appears to allow her to summon blocks of magic. This is similar to what the Cane of Somaria can do, which might indicate a connection between her grimoires and that weapon, though the latter can only produce one block at a time.

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