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"Ay lliw nihtemos yub..."
— Lakeside Item Seller

The Lakeside Item Seller is a character in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds . He is the owner of the Lakeside Item Shop in Lorule and is a member of the Masked Followers. He sells a Bee for 88 Rupees, a Golden Bee for 9,999 Rupees, a Fairy for 77 Rupees, and a Shield for 50 Rupees. When Link tries to speak with him, he first says hello and welcomes him into his shop. If spoken to again, the seller informs him how some people believe that chanting the words "Ay lliw nihtemos yub" is the key to being saved. He asks what it saves people from and sarcastically answers with high prices. However, he thinks it is a catchy phrase and hopes it will transport him to another world if he says it enough. He changes the topic and asks Link if he has heard of the Maiamais, creatures that can travel between worlds. He begins to say that until he can hitch a ride on one of the Maiamais before stopping.