The Lady's Ensemble is an important item from The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. It is an obtainable outfit Link can equip, causing hearts to appear more frequently, in addition to increasing the Links' Heart Containers by one. It is based on the same outfit worn by The Lady.

It is also required in order to remove the Cursed Tights from Princess Styla and beat the game. In order to create it Madam Couture needs three one of a kind materials: the Lady's Glasses, the Lady's Collar, and the Lady's Parasol.

After it is created Link must wear it and go to the throne room of Hytopia Castle, in order to remove the Cursed Tights from Princess Styla. Once the Cursed Tights have been removed and become the Semi-Cursed Tights, Styla will give them to Link as a gift, thus it also allows Link to obtain the Semi-Cursed Tights as an Outfit.

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