Korok Ceremony

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Korok Ceremony
Korok Ceremony
The Korok Ceremony
First appearance The Wind Waker (2003)
Country Great Sea
Region Forest Haven
Occurrence Annually
Purpose Preparing for Koroks travels to various islands to spread the Great Deku Tree's forest
Characteristics Makar's violin performance, Great Deku Tree spawning Great Deku Seeds

The Korok Ceremony, also known as the New Year's Ceremony, is an event from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An annually celebrated holiday, the Korok Ceremony takes place in the Forest Haven.

During the Korok Ceremony, all of the Koroks gather around the Great Deku Tree in preparation for their travels to various islands throughout the Great Sea. At these islands, the Koroks plant seeds in hopes that new forests will grow and more land will cover the Great Sea. Before the Koroks may take flight to other islands, however, Makar must play his violin as the Koroks gather in a circle, causing the Deku Tree to sprout the seeds.


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When Link visits the Forest Haven, he finds that the Korok Ceremony is about to start. He and the Great Deku Tree are informed by Linder, however, that Makar fell into the Forbidden Woods, and Link must rescue him before the ceremony can begin.

When Link defeats Kalle Demos and saves Makar, the Korok Ceremony commences, and the various Koroks fly off to their designated islands to spread the seeds of the Great Deku Tree. Makar stays behind to compose the song for the following year's ceremony.

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Bonus Video Korok Ceremony (The Wind Waker)01:54

Bonus Video Korok Ceremony (The Wind Waker)

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