"See, Prince Komali's grandmother was the great Valoo's former attendant... She was an amazing woman. I was honored to have her as my teacher... She was kind and brave, and unsurpassed in her dealings with the great Valoo."

Komali's Grandmother is a character mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She is the deceased grandmother of Prince Komali, and thus, never appears in-game. During her life, she was the attendant to the great dragon Valoo, the guardian of the Rito. Being his attendant, she was the only Rito who could understand his language. Not only was she Valoo's attendant, however, but also his closest friend; the dragon gave her Din's Pearl as a memento of their friendship. This pearl was later given to Prince Komali. Upon seeing her harp, she sensed Medli's fate in its curves and took her as a student. Medli takes over as Valoo's attendant after Komali's Grandmother's death, but she does not fully understand his language. Because of this, she does not know why he has gone into a fit of rage, and his tantrum effects the entire Rito race. Because Valoo begins to act strangely, no Rito can obtain their scale from him, and thus grow their wings. Prince Komali, unable to receive a scale for his coming-of-age, becomes depressed and stays in his room all day, caressing his grandmother's pearl.

When Link defeats Gohma in Dragon Roost Cavern and calms down Valoo, Prince Komali cheers up and gives Link Din's Pearl.

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