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Koko's Specialty is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is the fourth and final Cooking side quest given by Koko in Kakariko Village. It becomes available after Link completes "Koko's Kitchen", "Cooking with Koko", and "Koko Cuisine". Koko wants to make her late mother's recipe for Energizing Honeyed Apple but needs some Courser Bee Honey which is difficult for her to obtain as it is dangerous for her to leave Kakariko Village. Courser Bee Honey can be obtained by collecting Beehives after knocking them down from trees. The best way to knock them down is to use Remote Bombs as it will kill the bees and knock down the hives.

Three beehives can be found near in trees around the cabin at Fort Hateno in East Necluda. One beehive appears on a tree at the fork in the road near the abandoned Equestrian Riding Course in East Necluda. Another beehive can be found on the Great Plateau in a boarded up cave near the large Bokoblin Camp close to the Woodcutter's House or in a tree near a smaller camp northeast of the Woodcutter's House. Another beehive spawns on the ground in the Honeyvore Bear cave near a small pond at Crenel Peak in Hyrule Field. Additionally, Honeyvore Bears occasionally drop Courser Bee Honey when killed along with their meat. Link only needs to bring Koko one hive of Courser Bee Honey to complete the quest and she will reward Link with a Energizing Honeyed Apple. Additionally, the "Koko's Recipe Corner" recipe for Energizing Honeyed Apple will be added to the Completed Adventure Log entry for Koko's Specialty.

It is the final cooking side quest given by Koko and if Link talks to her afterwards, Koko reveals that she has decided to become a cook when she grows up and will have to come up with her own recipes, but admits coming up with her own recipes is hard.

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