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King Dodongo is a giant boss and incarnation of King Dodongo that appears in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.


King Dodongo is unique among the Giant Bosses that appear in Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends in that it has two different designs, its Hyrule Warriors design and Ocarina of Time design.

Its Hyrule Warriors design, resembles a demonic dinosaur with yellow skin, red horns, and red crystal-like spines.

Its Ocarina of Time design, is based on the original King Dodongo from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, though it uses the same attack and movement animation as the Hyrule Warriors King Dodongo.


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King Dodongo first appears in The Armies of Ruin story scenario and is the first Giant Boss encountered in the story. It is summoned by Wizzro after the Dark Forces are decimated by the Great Fairy's Giant Super Bomb attack. During the battle, King Dodongo will crash through two keeps while on his way to attack the Hyrulean Forces base, the Castle Keep. Like King Dodongo in Ocarina of Time, Link must wait for King Dodongo to open his mouth and then throw Bombs into it, in order to expose its weak point gauge, allowing Link to perform a Weak Point Smash once its weak point gauge is depleted. Link must defeat King Dodongo in order to complete The Armies of Ruin scenario.

Later in The Water Temple story scenario (which is set in the Era of the Hero of Time), the King Dodongo from Ocarina of Time is summoned by Fake Zelda to attack the Gorons lead by Darunia and the Hyrulean Forces lead by Sheik & Impa. However unlike The Armies of Ruin, defeating him is not required to finish the scenario.

In Ganondorf's Return, King Dodongo is one of the Giant Bosses that lead the Monster Forces in Gerudo Desert.

Two King Dodongos appear in Cia's Tale: The Dragon of the Caves, summoned by Volga and his allies to attack Cia, Wizzro, and the Dark Forces.

King Dodongo from Ocarina of Time also appears as the boss of the Monster Forces in Linkle's Tale: The Other Hero. His anger causes him to transform into Dark King Dodongo making him far more dangerous. However the power of Linkle's Compass is able to revert him back to his original form, allowing Linkle and the Hyrulean Forces to defeat him.

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King Dodongo Variants

Hyrule Warriors

The standard version of King Dodongo who appears as bosses in Armies of Ruin, Cia's Tale: The Dragon of the Caves, and Ganondorf's Return. Each King Dodongo appears to be separate individuals.

Ocarina of Time

Hyrule Warriors King Dodongo Era of the Hero of Time (OoT Design)

King Dodongo from the Era of the Hero of Time, who appears in The Water Temple. He also appears in Linkle's Tale: The Other Hero from Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Dark King Dodongo

Hyrule Warriors Legends King Dodongo (Era of the Hero of Time) Dark King Dodongo (Battle Intro)

Dark King Dodongo in Hyrule Warriors Legends

In Linkle's Tale: The Other Hero, the Monster Forces are lead by a Dark shadowy version of the Ocarina of Time King Dodongo called Dark King Dodongo. It is revealed by Impa that Dark King Dodongo is a transformation brought on by King Dodongo's rage. The form grants him invulnerability to damage and the power to summon powerful Gibdos & Moblins. However the light of Linkle's Compass manages to revert King Dodongo to normal allowing Linkle and Impa to damage and defeat it.

Mini-King Dodongos

As part of her Summoning Gate moveset, Lana can summon miniature King Dodongos (Hyrule Warriors design) to attack enemies.



In early trailers for Hyrule Warriors, during the Armies of Ruin stage, King Dodongo appeared in his Ocarina of Time design, instead of the one from Hyrule Warriors. It is unclear if he was initially planned to appear in his Ocarina of Time design, if the design was simply used because it was more recognizable, or if his Hyrule Warriors design had not yet been completed at that point in the game's development.

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