"This is Kina, a sweet girl who works as a waitress at the Lumpy Pumpkin, which is run by her father, Pumm. She is also in charge of their pumpkin patch. She finds the work exhausting and less than optimal."

Kina is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. She is a waitress at the Lumpy Pumpkin and the daughter of the owner, Pumm. She is also a skilled singer, and performs regularly on the stage of the Lumpy Pumpkin. She is well-liked by the patrons of the Lumpy Pumpkin; especially Keet, to whom she is an object of affection.


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After Link breaks the Lumpy Pumpkin's decorative chandelier, Kina berates him for doing so despite the several signs warning patrons not to do so. As part of the set of tasks he must perform to repay his debt to Pumm, Link must help Kina carry pumpkins from the patch at Pumpkin Landing, to a storage shed found nearby. After Link has successfully carried a stack of five pumpkins safely to its destination, he may help Kina with this work again, this time for rewards of 50 Rupees on subsequent attempts.

After Link obtains the Goddess's Harp, Pumm will ask him to serve as musical accompaniment for Kina during one of her nightly singing performances. This mini-game requires a sense of rhythm, as Link must strum his harp to the motion of the audience's arms. Upon completion (subject to crowd approval), Pumm considers Link's debt to him repaid, and rewards him with a Piece of Heart.

After Link completes the Fire Sanctuary, he can again help Kina, who requires someone to help her with the pumpkin harvest. Using the Goddess Sword's capacity for dowsing, Link goes in search of someone to help her in this. He eventually encounters Guld, who has grown weary of his station in life. Link calls for the aid of LD-301S Scrapper, and together they travel to Pumpkin Landing. Guld takes to his new job with much enthusiasm, and the overjoyed Kina produces five Gratitude Crystals which Link receives as a reward.

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When combined with the name of her father, Pumm, their two names become "Pummkina", which is a reference to pumpkins.