Kima is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a brave Hylian willing to tackle the dangers of the volcanic regions of Eldin Canyon to visit Goron City where he purchased a Flamebreaker Helm and Flamebreaker Armor at Ripped and Shredded.

Interestingly, despite having two pieces of Armor that would grant him Level 2 Flame Guard heat resistance when worn together, allowing him to handle even the hottest temperatures of Death Mountain to the point he would no longer needs Fireproof Elixirs, he can be found searching for Fireproof Lizards in the Southern Mine in Eldin Canyon.

Related Side Quest

If Link speaks to Kima in the Southern Mine, he will ask Link to catch and bring him ten Fireproof Lizards. Fireproof Lizards are relatively common in the southern mine as Link can find them on the ground or under rocks. To prevent them from fleeing, Link approach them by walking slowly or crouch walking to catch them without spooking them. For lizards under rocks, Link is able to pick them up even while holding the rock above his head, allowing Link to catch one before it has a chance to flee. Alternatively Link can shoot them with a arrow, which will kill them making catching them easier (due having adapted to the intense heat Fireproof Lizards cannot burn so Link can use Arrows which become makeshift Fire Arrows due to area's heat). Link can also purchase Fireproof Lizards from Beedle in certain specific locations, though he will have to leave the area to do so.

Once Link has given Kima the required number of Lizards, he will reward Link with the Flamebreaker Armor he purchased in Goron City completing the side quest. After completing the side quest, Kima will pay Link a Red Rupee for each three Fireproof Lizards he gives him. However Kima will refuse to give Link his Flamebreaker Helm as he paid 2,000 Rupees for it, forcing Link to purchase both the Flamebreaker Helm and Flamebreaker Boots from Ripped and Shredded in Goron City. It is implied that Kima was unable to purchase the Flamebreaker Boots as well, presumably do to all the money he paid for both the Flamebreaker Armor and Flamebreaker Helm.