"Hee-hee-ho! Hello, child. If you are attempting to fool me, it is impossible. We Keatons can recognize our own by the sheen of our tails. But you're a good child... Let me put you to a test."
— Keaton

Keaton, also known as the Ghost Fox, is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. It is a golden fox with three tails. Although it is mentioned that there is an entire race of Keaton, Link encounters only one.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Although Keaton is never encountered in-game, he is mentioned by several characters when Link wears the Keaton Mask. He is a popular character among the children in Hyrule during the events of Ocarina of Time. It seems likely that Keaton is meant to be a fictional character within the game's fictional universe.

Keaton may also be meant as a reference to Pikachu from Nintendo's Pokémon franchise. Though the Keaton Mask is recognized as a fox by some characters, it also has similar coloration to Pikachu, and both characters are very popular among children, in the Zelda universe and in the real world. Princess Zelda furthermore misidentifies the mask as a mouse, which is the type of creature Pikachu is listed as.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Keaton is a mysterious creature who plays tricks in certain areas of grass. If Link destroys a bush in a cluster which features a ring of bushes with another in the center, the remaining bushes will dance around before vanishing. If Link wears the Keaton Mask when he does this, Keaton will appear. He is not fooled by the mask, but offers Link a test, the Keaton Quiz, in which it asks five questions pertaining to people, places, and things in Termina. If Link answers Keaton’s questions correctly, he is given a Piece of Heart, or 20 Rupees if he has already received the Piece of Heart during a previous time loop. It should be noted that while there are three areas of Termina where Keaton can appear, Link can only take the quiz up to two times during the current three day cycle.

The same type of grass that moves when cut and reveals Keaton can be found in the Lost Woods and the catacombs at the beginning of the game. However, Link cannot summon Keaton in any of these places since he cannot return to them once he has entered Termina, where the Keaton Mask is found. If the player cheats to have a Keaton Mask at the beginning of the game, Keaton will not appear in any of the bushes. If the player glitches themselves or uses a moonjump cheat to pass the door keeping Link from going back to the catacombs, the places with the grass will be blocked by a door with bars. If the player cheats their way behind the door, some collision data will be loaded, but the grass seems to be permanently lost.


Keatons are quite possibly based on the kitsune, a fox creature from Japanese mythology with multiple tails. The name Keaton itself may be a reference to kitsune, although it is never specified.