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"To my son's superior,
Thank you very much for looking after my boy. This isn't much, but I hope you'll accept it all the same.
— Kashiko

Kashiko is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. She is the mother of Baito. Kashiko never appears on-screen, but she is mentioned several times by her son. If Link sorts twenty-five letters in Dragon Roost Island's Mail Center, Baito will ask Link to deliver a letter to Kashiko. If Link does so, Kashiko will send him a letter thanking him for his kindnesses towards Baito enclosed with a Piece of Heart.


"Kashiko" is a pun; in Japanese "かしこ" is a closing word used by some women in letters, but also sounds like a name as "ko" (子) is common at the end of female given names.

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