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Red Karakoro
Blue Karakoro

Karakoros are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. They appear exclusively in the Color Dungeon, a bonus dungeon found only in the Game Boy Color remake of the game. Appearing in three color varieties — blue, green, and red — Karakoros must be defeated in a particular way in order to progress through the dungeon.

Karakoros are impervious to all of Link's weapons; instead, he must strike them with his sword to make them retreat into their shells. In this state, a Karakoro may be knocked into its appropriate color-coded slot in the floor with further sword strikes or by picking it up and throwing it with the Power Bracelet. If a Karakoro is knocked into the wrong slot, it will pop back out, emerge from its shell, and resume its attack. Once all Karakoros in a room have been knocked into slots in the floor, they will fall into pits below them and the room's doors will open.

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