Juney is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Hylian newlywed who is spending her honeymoon with her husband Jogo at Rito Village in the Tabantha Frontier region of Hyrule.


However she is not happy about the choice of location for their honeymoon causing her to be angry at her husband and hating her time in Rito Village. However Jogo is aware of his wife's love of Baked Apples and wants to make some to keep her happy, but requires Flint to make a Campfire to roast some Apples. This leads to the Side Quest "The Spark of Romance" in which Jogo asks Link to bring him some Flint. Juney sleeps in the Swallow's Roost at night, though she can be found setting on the platform between Kaneli and Saki's houses during the day.

She gives Link the side quest "The Apple of My Eye", in which she requires Link to bring her a Baked Apple, as it is the only thing that can cheer her up and take her mind off her lousy honeymoon. Once Link brings her a Baked Apple she rewards him with a Silver Rupee. After completing it, Link can still sell Baked Apples to her for an increasing price per apple. As Apples are easily obtained and Baked Apples can be easily made (especially if Link drops them in areas of volcanic heat) selling Baked Apples to Juney can be a useful way to make some easy cash.

If Link speaks to her when she is sleeping in the Inn at night, he finds out she snores loudly, which may explain why her husband sleeps in a separate bed even after both of their related side quests are completed.

Selling Price List

Item Rupees
Baked Apple x1 5
Baked Apple x5 30
Baked Apple x10 70
Baked Apple x50 500
Baked Apple x100 1200