"You got a Joy Pendant! You can keep it in your Spoils Bag. These pendants are said to flock to those who spread joy, like butterflies to nectar-filled blossoms."
— In-game description

Joy Pendants are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are necklaces with pendants shaped like butterflies that are found throughout the Great Sea and stored in the Spoils Bag. The most common way of receiving them is through confrontations with Bokoblins, either by taking the pendants with the Grappling Hook or by killing Bokoblins and taking their spoils. They can also be found in some Treasure Chests or pots in various dungeons.

On Windfall Island, the schoolteacher Mrs. Marie has a hobby of collecting Joy Pendants. When Link gives her 20 Joy Pendants, she gives him the Cabana Deed. When he gives her 40 Joy Pendants in total (20 more), she gives him the Hero's Charm. After that, he can give her up to 59 more for Rupees. When she obtains a total of 99 Joy Pendants, she will not accept any more. Joy Pendants can also be sold at Beedle's Shop Ship for five Rupees each.

A quick way to get Joy Pendants is to travel to Dragon Roost Cavern. Inside the first room are two Bokoblins, on which the Grappling Hook may be used to receive one pendant from each. As long as they are not defeated, they will reappear when the room is re-entered from the central lava room, bearing new pendants. Should a Bokoblin be defeated, the dungeon itself must be re-entered to make them reappear.

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