"Are you the one who just popped that up there? Not bad for a Deku Scrub! We Bombers have a hideout that leads to the observatory outside town. You need a code to get in. Maybe I'll tell you what it is! But don't think you're getting it that easily! I can't just tell you what the code is... You'll have to pass my test first. Are you ready?"
— Jim

Jim is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is a young boy and the leader of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice.


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Jim can be found in North Clock Town attempting to pop a balloon with Majora's Mask imprinted on it by using his blowgun. If Link uses a projectile to pop the balloon, Jim will look around in amazement and ask Link if he wants to play a Hide-and-Seek game with him and other members of the Bombers after Link speaks to him. If Link accepts the offer and finds all five members before dawn of the next day, he will be given the password to the Bombers' Hideout. Also, after the first round, if Link remembers the password after going back in time and gives it to the hideout guard while in Hylian form, Jim will be impressed by Link's deductive skills and grant him membership immediately. In the end credits sequence on 3DS remake of Majora's Mask, Jim can be seen at Anju and Kafei's wedding.

Jim can be easily distinguished from other Bombers by the color of his bandanna. While all other members of the group either wear a blue or orange bandanna, Jim wears a red one.

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