"Her name is Jellyf. She is the leader of the Parella race of aquatic creatures. More intelligent than other Parella, they follow her lead. She serves the Water Dragon, Faron."

Jellyf is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A servant of Faron, she is the leader of the Parella living at Lake Floria, and is the only red Parella seen in the game. Jellyf is stated to be more intelligent than the other Parella. The coral-like formations on Jellyf's head serve as a key to the door of Faron's chamber, and she is the only Parella seen outside of said chamber, possibly indicating that Jellyf serves as the gatekeeper to Faron's domain.


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When Link first encounters Jellyf, she believes that he is one of Ghirahim's minions. However, after seeing that Link has the Water Dragon's Scale, she asks Link to help heal the Water Dragon, and takes him to the Water Dragon's throne room.

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The name Jellyf may be derived from the real world aquatic creature, the jellyfish.