Ivee's Diary is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a diary written by the East Wind's greeter Ivee which acts as a cook book entitled "Ivee's Recipe Book". It contains her recipes for the Mushroom or Salmon Risottos, Poultry Pilaf, and Egg Pudding. It can be found on the nightstand next to Ivee's bed on the second floor of the East Wind shop.


Mushroom risotto

"Today's Recipe: Mushroom Risotto


Hylian Rice (one bundle)

Goat Butter (one serving)

Hylian Shrooms (approximately a few)

Rock Salt (exactly "a little")

Note: Use a hearty salmon instead of Hylian Shrooms for a fish-lover's dish!"

Poultry pilaf

"Today's Recipe: Poultry Pilaf


Raw Bird Drumstick (just toss a few in)

Raw Bird Drumstick (actually a few more)

Goat Butter (measure out "a little")

Hylian Rice (one "suitable amount")

Bird Eggs (a few should be fine)

Note: Inaccurate measurements only make the dish more de-lish!"

Egg pudding

"Today's Recipe: Egg Pudding


Bird Eggs (a few should do)

Fresh Milk (a few bottles)

Cane Sugar (let's say...several servings)

Note: Cane sugar can be tough to come by, but the dish will fail without it."

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