"My name's Iris! I'm a novice magician. I lost my magic book, and now I don't have the magic to get back home. I tried some spells from memory, and I got this tiny house to appear... But it's so frustrating! Where in the world could my book have gone?"
— Iris

Iris is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. She is an apprentice to one of the Mages living in the Village of the Blue Maiden. Unfortunately, she has become trapped within the Dark World and does not have her Magic Book to help her. She has tried various spells from memory to no avail. She has, however, managed to summon a small house that floats above her head, which she believes she has summoned out of thin air. In reality, it is the house of Sweetie's Boyfriend, which has now disappeared from the Light World.

When Link brings her the Magic Book, she thanks him and promptly returns the house to its rightful place.

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