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Irene is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She describes herself as the best witch of her generation, and often assists her grandmother, the witch who runs the potion shop in northeast Hyrule, whom Irene refers to affectionately as "Gram".


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As Link is heading to the Eastern Palace, he spots Irene flying on her broomstick, looking for something. The two are later met properly; she decides to aid Link in his quest, as a Fortune Teller foretold that she could ascertain good luck by helping a "green thing." She gives the young hero a Bell, which allows him to call for her whenever he needs to go to any of the Weather Vanes he has activated; whenever Link rings the Bell, she appears on her broom and more often than not provides Link with advice, if she's not complaining about him disrupting whatever she was doing at the time.

At one point, as Link continues his journey through Hyrule, Yuga discovers Irene's lineage as a descendant of the Seven Wise Men, making her one of the Seven Sages, and turns her into a painting portrait to kidnap her. As a result, when beckoned by the Bell, only her broom appears. Her painting is later used alongside the rest of the Sages' by Yuga to revive Ganon. The paintings are then spread throughout Lorule, with Irene's being taken to a ruined temple in Misery Mire. After traversing the Desert Palace in Hyrule, Link manages to enter the temple's ruins and save the young witch. Grateful, she thanks him and wishes him good luck in his quest, though not without expressing regret that she will not be able to see her grandmother for quite some time. After the seventh Sage is freed, Irene and the other Seven Sages use their power to grant Link the Triforce of Courage.

During the end credits, she is shown learning how to brew potions with her grandmother.

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