Infiltration of Hyrule Castle is the final stage of Near the Fields, the fourth level of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Most of the stage takes place inside a more heavily fortified Hyrule Castle than was seen earlier in the game. In this sense, Hyrule Castle is unique in that it is the only location in the game that is played twice.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

When Link arrives at Hyrule Castle, the entire area is shrouded in darkness. In order to infiltrate the castle, Link must first evade the many searchlights that scan the exterior of the castle. If Link breaks a pot, the searchlights will instantly move to that spot. If Link is in the area, he will be sent to the jail, where he can obtain a Boomerang or Magic Hammer. On the other hand, throwing these pots can serve as a distraction, allowing Link to sneak by.

Once Link sneaks by the searchlights, he can enter Hyrule Castle itself. The interior of the castle seems to be completely devoid of life, save a few Ghini and Anti-Fairies. While exploring the castle, Link can find a Bow and a Lamp. In the center of the castle, Link must fight Jalhalla again.

After its defeat, Link rescues the White Maiden. She tells Link that their next destination is the Lost Woods, located in the middle of the Dark World.

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