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Hyrulean General, Impa (インパ Inpa?, Hylian IHylian MHylian PHylian A) is a Sheikah tribe leader and incarnation of Impa who serves the Royal Family of Hyrule in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. She is the trusted adviser to Princess Zelda and General of the Hyrulean Forces.

Background and History

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Like Zelda and Link, there have been multiple incarnations of Impa. In most cases, she is depicted as either a trusted ally/servant of both the Royal Family of Hyrule and the various incarnations of Zelda and often aids Link in his quest via her knowledge and/or abilities. In most of her appearances, she is depicted as an elderly woman who serves as Zelda's loyal nurse maid and/or wise woman who aids Link, while other incarnations are depicted as ninja-like Sheikah warriors who serve as Zelda's faith bodyguard and protector. In most recent depictions, Impa is depicted as a member of the Sheikah, the sworn protectors of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Era of Skyloft

The first known incarnation of Impa, appeared in the Era of Skyloft. This Impa was a servant of the Goddess Hylia who was charged with protecting the Spirit Maiden Zelda, Hylia's mortal reincarnation from the Demon Lord Ghirahim and the remnants of the Demon Tribe that he lead. When Zelda is pulled to the Surface world by Ghirahim, Impa protects Zelda on her journey to purify herself at the springs located in Skyview Temple and the Earth Temple to prepare her for her role as the Spirit Maiden. Throughout their journey, they are hounded by Ghirahim and the Demon Tribe, who wish to sacrifice Zelda to revive The Imprisoned Demon King Demise, who had been sealed away by Hylia years earlier. Fortunately, Hylia's chosen Hero and Zelda's close friend from Skyloft, Link was searching for Zelda with the aid of Fi, the Spirit of the Goddess Sword. Link ended up aiding the pair by providing a distraction for Ghirahim and his forces. Eventually, Link managed to catch up with Zelda at the Earth Spring, but Impa apparently unimpressed by Hylia's chosen, admonished him for being late, before warping out of the Spring with Zelda. Link eventually track her and Zelda to the Temple of Time in Lanayru Desert and managed to arrive in time to save Impa from being killed by Ghirahim, while Link distracted the Demon Lord, Impa and Zelda fled through the Gate of Time located in the temple. As she was leaving, Impa destroyed the Gate to prevent Ghirahim from following them. After he manages to reseal The Imprisoned, Link learns from the Old Woman and caretaker of the Sealed Temple that another Gate of Time is hidden within the Sealed Temple, however it requires Link to attain spiritual growth through passing several trials and purifying the Goddess Sword by bathing it in the Sacred Flames. He succeeds in his task, re-forging the Goddess Sword into the Master Sword, which he uses to activate the Gate of Time, where he finds that Impa and Zelda had fled to the past to escape Ghirahim and learns that Zelda is Hylia's reincarnation. Link is tasked with a new mission, to obtain the Triforce and use its power to destroy The Imprisoned. Before he leaves, Zelda uses power she inherited from Hylia to transform the Master Sword into the True Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane. Link succeeds in his task and The Imprisoned is destroyed, however Ghirahim kidnaps Zelda and travels back in time to revive his master in the past, resulting in an epic battle between the Hero and the Demon King. The Hero ultimately prevails and Zelda is saved. It is eventually revealed that the Old Woman who guards the Sealed Temple is actually an elderly Impa, who had been providing guidance to Link in her old age.

Era of the Hero of Time

During the Era of the Hero of Time, that era's incarnation of Impa was a Sheikah warrior who was born and raised in Kakariko Village. Eventually, Impa became a protector of the Royal Family and served as both nursemaid and protector to Princess Zelda. Unlike Zelda's father, the King of Hyrule, Impa showed more faith in Zelda's prophetic abilities and apparently allowed the boy from the forest that Zelda had seen in a vision to meet with her. After Zelda revealed to the boy her suspicions about Ganondorf, Impa appeared in the castle garden and introduced herself to him. Before guiding him out of the Castle, undetected by the guards, she taught him Zelda's Lullaby, which in addition to being a song she use to play as a lullaby for Zelda, was also a song known to servants and messengers of the Royal Family, which would be useful in proving boy's connection with Zelda. After guiding him back to Hyrule Field, Impa directed him towards Kakariko Village and Death Mountain. In Kakariko Village, the boy learned that Impa had opened the town to poor non-Sheikah inhabitants of Hyrule. After succeeding in his quest to obtain the Spiritual Stones, the boy returned to Hyrule Castle Town, however meanwhile Ganondorf had attacked Hyrule Castle to obtain the Ocarina of Time. Sensing the danger, Impa fled carrying Zelda on a white Horse, with Ganondorf in hot pursuit. As they fled, Zelda spotting the boy threw the Ocarina of Time in the moat near the drawbridge. Impa managed to escape with Zelda, while the boy used the Spiritual Stones and Ocarina of Time to open the Door of Time. However unbeknownst to either Impa or Zelda, Ganondorf who had been aware of their plans to thwart him, had followed the boy. When he removed the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time, the boy was placed into a deep sleep. With the final barrier between himself and the Sacred Realm removed, Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm to claim the Triforce. However in accordance to an old Sheikah legend, the one who seeks the Triforce must possess a heart balanced with Power, Wisdom, and Courage. As Ganondorf only sought Power for himself, he was only granted the Triforce of Power while the other two pieces went to those chosen by destiny. However the Triforce of Power granted Ganondorf the power he sought, allowing him to conquer Hyrule and become the Great King of Evil. He used his power to destroy Castle Town and transformed Hyrule Castle into Ganon's Castle. Fortunately, most of the inhabitants managed to flee to Kakariko Village. Zelda and Impa went into hiding and awaited the coming of the prophesied Hero of Time. At some point, Impa was forced to seal the Phantom Shadow Beast, Bongo Bongo inside the bottom of the Well of Three Features located in Kakariko.

Seven years passed and the boy from the forest, eventually awoke inside the Temple of Light within the Sacred Realm. As it turned out, the boy happened to be the legendary Hero of Time and had been sealed away for seven years due to being too young to wield the Master Sword. In that time he grew up into an adult and awakened to find Hyrule transformed by Ganondorf's evil. He found that Kakariko Village had flourished during his absence, presumably due to the protection of Impa. However he found no sign of Impa herself, nor Princess Zelda. However he did encounter a mysterious warrior named Sheik, who claimed to be one of Impa's Sheikah kinsmen and a fellow servant of the Royal Family. Aided by Sheik, the Hero began his journey to awaken the Seven Sages in order to seal away Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm. After awakening the Sage of Water, the Hero returned to Kakariko, only to discover the town on fire. He noticed Sheik standing in front of the Well and tried to ask him what was going on, but Sheik warned him to stand back. Suddenly, an invisible force emerged from the Well which defeated both Sheik and the Hero of Time, who had a hard time due to the entity's invisibility. Fortunately a sudden rain storm, put out the fire and the pair recovered from their battle. Sheik then informed the Hero that the creature they had fought was the evil beast that Impa had sealed away inside the well, which had managed to grow powerful enough to escape from its prison due to feeding off Ganondorf's evil. Sheik also revealed that Impa had gone to the Shadow Temple to reseal the beast. Wishing to aid Impa in order to find out what had happened to Zelda during the seven years he slept, the Hero of Time used the Master Sword to travel back in time in order to investigate the bottom of the well. During his investigation of the Well, he discovered the Lens of Truth, a Sheikah artifact that allowed one to see through illusions and invisible entities. The Lens would prove necessary in his journey through the Shadow Temple. Returning to the future, the Hero entered the temple and with both the Lens of Truth and Hover Boots he found inside the temple, managed to reach its inner sanctum, where he was confronted by Bongo Bongo, who had apparently managed to defeat Impa. The Hero of Time then engaged the beast in combat atop a massive drum. However thanks to the Lens of Truth allowing him to see Bongo Bongo, their second battle ended far differently and Bongo Bongo was destroyed. Afterwards Impa appeared in the Temple of Light, revealing herself to be the Sage of Shadow. She revealed that Zelda was safe and he would encounter her eventually, thus relieving his concerns and allowing him to focus on awakening the final sage. Before parting ways, Impa gave the Hero the Shadow Medallion adding her might as the Sage of Shadow to the Hero of Time.

After awakening the Sage of Spirit, the Hero eventually discovered that Sheik was actually Princess Zelda in disguise, apparently having been taught the ways of the Sheikah by Impa while they were in hiding together in order to aid the Hero and escape detection from Ganondorf and his minions. Zelda revealed herself to be the Seventh Sage and leader of the Seven Sages. She also revealed that she had been chosen by destiny to wield the Triforce of Wisdom, while the Hero of Time was chosen to possess the Triforce of Courage. However they discovered that Ganondorf had been secretly observing the Hero of Time who he allowed to wonder around Hyrule, in the hopes it would cause Zelda to reveal herself. Ganondorf managed to kidnap Zelda, forcing the Hero of Time to journey to the King of Evil's castle to save her. Impa and her follow sages aided him using their power to create a bridge. She also assisted him in dispelling the Shadow Barrier around Ganon's Tower. After the Hero of Time managed to weaken Ganon with the Master Sword. Zelda called upon Impa and the other Sages to combine their power to seal Ganon away in the Sacred Realm, however as he was sealed Ganondorf vowed to return to take his revenge. As Hyrule celebrated Ganondorf's defeat, Impa and joined her fellow sages atop Death Mountain to watch as a new day dawned in Hyrule, one free of Ganondorf's evil.

Era of the Great Sea

Impa, the Sage of Shadow who had aided the Hero of Time would remembered by the people of Hyrule as one of Seven Sages and a stain glass window depicting her was placed in the Master Sword's hidden chamber under Hyrule Castle along with windows depicting her fellow sages and Ganon. Though no incarnation of her exists in the Era of the Great Sea, her role is fulfilled by Tetra's Pirates who are implied to be the descendants of members of the Royal Court that served an incarnation of Zelda who lived in the time period before the Great Flood.

Era of Twilight

As a result of Zelda using the Ocarina of Time to send the Hero of Time back into the past to relive his stolen childhood. The Hero of Time is able to warn Zelda of Ganondorf's plans, preventing the events of Ocarina of Time. As a result, the Hero of Time is largely forgotten by the people of Hyrule and Ganondorf is imprisoned inside the Twilight Realm by the Ancient Sages following his failed execution, leading to him allying with Twili Zant, in order to escape. Though no incarnation of Impa is present during this Era, a previous incarnation of Impa (possibly the Impa from Ocarina of Time) is implied to have been the founder the Hidden Village. The village's current inhabitant, Impaz is said to have been named after its founder, indicating she may have been named after Impa.

Era of Light and Darkness

Imprisoning War

In another timeline created as the result of the Hero of Time dying during the Era of the Hero of Time, Ganondorf managed to obtain the complete Triforce and becomes the King of Darkness, Ganon. He is eventually sealed by the Knights of Hyrule and Seven Sages within the Sacred Realm which had been transformed into the Dark World due to Ganon's possession of the Triforce. Ganon was eventually killed by an incarnation of the Hero using the Silver Arrows and the Triforce is used to undo his evil after he had escaped. Following these events, various incarnations of Impa would serve the Royal Family of Hyrule.

The Oracles of Ages & Seasons

Another Impa would appear during the conflict between Veran and General Onox, servants of the Twinrova twins, Koume and Kotake as part of a plan to resurrect their surrogate son.

In the land of Holodrum, Impa poses as a cook of a troupe of traveling performers (actually disguised members of the Knights of Hyrule) in order to protect the Oracle of Seasons, Din who they were secretly transporting to Hyrule under the orders of Princess Zelda to protect her. However General Onox, kidnaps Din and Impa aids the Hero Link who had been sent to Holodrum by the Triforce in his quest to rescue her and defeat Onox. Eventually, the Hero defeats Onox, who is revealed to be a Dark Dragon summoned from the Dark Realm by Twinrova. However the Dark Dragon's defeat light the Flame of Destruction.

In the land of Labrynna, Impa is sent by Zelda to protect the Oracle Nayru. However she is soon possessed by Veran, who manipulates the Hero (who had been transport to Labrynna by the Triforce) a stone preventing her from reaching Nayru. Leaving Impa's body, Veran possesses Nayru and uses her power to travel back in time. Ashamed by having fallen under Veran's control, Impa aids the Hero in his quest to save Nayru in order to make up for her failure. Eventually Veran is defeated and killed, however her death lights the Flame of Sorrow.

After the deaths of Onox and Veran, Twinrova kidnaps Princess Zelda in order to light the Flame of Despair. However the Hero manages to interrupt the ritual and the witches sacrifice themselves to resurrect Ganon, though due to them lacking pure hearts, he is revived as a mindless beast and is killed once more by the Hero.

Lorulean Conflict

Some time after Ganon's defeat, Hyrule was invaded by Yuga who had come from the parallel universe of Lorule to steal Hyrule's Triforce. In this Era, an elderly incarnation of Impa served, Princess Zelda just as her previous incarnations had done. Though elderly, Impa was a wise woman who served Zelda faithfully. Like the Sage of Shadow, this Impa was a member of the that era's incarnation of the Seven Sages. Eventually and the other sages were captured and transformed into paintings by Yuga, who used them to resurrect Ganon, who he merges with to obtain the Triforce of Power, along with Ganon's powerful body. Fortunately, she and the other sages are rescued by the current incarnation of the Hero. After rescuing the Sages, they grant the Hero the Triforce of Courage. However the Hero later learns it was all part of Yuga and Princess Hilda of Lorule to steal Hyrule's Triforce in order to restore Lorule which had been devastated in the aftermath of the destruction of Lorule's Triforce by the Royal Family of Lorule in a misguided attempt to end the countless conflicts over it. The Hero manages to defeat Yuga-Ganon, who reveals he had been plotting against Hilda and planned to steal the Triforce for himself. Hilda is eventually shown the error of her ways by her former servant, Ravio who had been secretly aiding the Hero as he had been to cowardly to stop Yuga and Hilda himself. Hilda returns Zelda, the Hero, and Sages back to Hyrule and Lorule's Triforce is restored by a wish made on Hyrule's Triforce by the Hero and Zelda. Afterwards, Impa returns to her duties as Princess Zelda's loyal servant.

War Across the Ages

Eventually after centuries of conflict, the Demon King Ganondorf was defeat by incarnations of the Hero who managed to split the Demon King's soul into four pieces, which were sealed across time and space, to end the cycle of conflict over the Triforce. However his evil influence would eventually spark a new conflict to free himself, resulting in the War Across the Ages.

Hyrulean General

Little is known about Impa's background, other than she is a Sheikah warrior who was trained from birth in the ways of war and eventually became the leader of her own tribe. She eventually became the Sheikah bodyguard of her era's incarnation of Princess Zelda, serving as both her general and adviser. Like her past incarnations, Impa is extremely loyal and protective of Zelda. An experienced warrior and military commander, her leadership would prove vital to the success of the Hyrulean Forces during the War Across the Ages.

Armies of Ruin


"Real strength only comes from knowing your weaknesses!"
— General Impa
Hyrule Warriors Naginata Impa wielding her Guardian Naginata's made of fire (Level 1 Naginata)

Impa using pyrokinesis to create Guardian Naginata made of fire in Hyrule Warriors

As a leader of the Sheikah tribe and General of the Hyrulean Forces, Impa is a experienced and capable warrior. While possessing ninja-like reflexes and agility, she is also deceptively strong as well, able to wield her heavy Giant Blades like the Giant's Knife and Biggoron's Sword with one hand. A skilled swordswoman, Impa is capable of drawing her large sword quickly from its scabbard and in her battle intro is shown cutting a row of moving pendulums with a single slash. She is also capable of wielding Naginatas that have been passed down within her tribe. She is also capable of manipulating elements such as water (Hydrokinesis) and fire (Pyrokinesis) allowing her to shape it into weapons.

Hyrule Warriors Giant Blade Impa creating several Giant Blades with Hydrokinesis (Level 1 Giant Blade)

Impa using hydrokinesis-based Magic Circle to create Giant Blades made of water in Hyrule Warriors

She is also a skilled magic user, capable of creating Magic Circles and capable of closing a Gate of Souls together with Princess Zelda. A skilled tactician and military commander, she acts as Princess Zelda's trusted adviser and second-in-command. Like most Sheikah depicted in the series, she is knowledge of various legends and Hyrulean history, such as the role of the Master Sword in containing the Spirit Fragment sealed within the Temple of the Sacred Sword and the potential dangers of removing it.

As general of the Hyrulean Forces, she is capable of leading it in Zelda's absence, such as when she disappeared and took on the disguise of Sheik or when she lead the Hyrulean Forces in defending Hyrule Castle from the invading Monster Forces while Link and Zelda were off returning the Master Sword to the Temple of the Sacred Sword to restore the seal on Ganondorf's soul. While she is distrustful of Sheik and doubts the warrior's claims of being a Sheikah, she accepts her assistance. She also recognizes Link's talent as a warrior and recognizes him as the current incarnation of the Hero of Hyrule. While she is doubtful of Linkle's claims, she recognizes her heroic qualities and skill which she takes advantage of to beat back the Monster Forces.

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Movesets and Weapons

Giant Blade


Dark Impa

Hyrule Warriors Impa Dark Impa (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Impa from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Impa is a Dark Shadowy Doppelgänger of Impa that appears as an enemy in Adventure Mode. She uses the same moveset and has the same material drops as Impa.

Material Drops


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