The Ice Lake is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is the Dark World counterpart of Lake Hylia. It is a deep lake that is partially frozen over. Kus swim in the lake, and Zirros swarm above it. Pikits can also be found on some of the sections of frozen lake. The lake is surrounded by rock ledges. At the center of the lake is the Ice Palace.

Points of interest

Ice Palace

Main article: Ice Palace

The Ice Palace is carved into an iceberg at the center of the lake. The courtyard is walled off. The only way for Link to enter the palace is through a warp tile found beneath a rock located outside of the Pond of Happiness in the Light World.

Sunken Island

Main article: Sunken Island

The Sunken Island is a section of shallow water encircled by round boulders. If Link steps into the ring and uses the Magic Mirror, he ends up on an island in the Light World with a previously unreachable Piece of Heart on it.

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