Hyrule Hotfoot is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Link can begin the mini-game in southeastern Hyrule, east of the House of Gales, by talking to one of the Racing Bros. The objective is to reach the second Racing Bro, who is standing behind Rosso's house, within a given time limit. The first Racing Bro will mark this location on Link's map with a checkered flag. On Link's first attempt, the time limit is 75 seconds, and the prize is a silver Rupee. If Link manages to meet that objective, he may attempt to reach the second Racing Bro in only 65 seconds. Link is not allowed to use the Bell to have Irene take him to a Weather Vane in Hyrule closer to the goal; if he tries to do this, he will not be awarded a prize upon reaching the goal.

The Pegasus Boots are very useful and quite possibly required for beating this mini-game conventionally, but are not strictly necessary because of a loophole in the rules. Although Link may not use the Bell while in Hyrule, he may use it in Lorule with no penalty. So, the easiest way to beat this mini-game is to, after starting it, use the Fissure just to the left of the first Racing Bro to go to Lorule, use the Bell to warp to the Weather Vane in Skull Woods, and return to Hyrule using the Fissure inside Rosso's house. This strategy allows Link to beat the mini-game with a time under 60 seconds without even using the Pegasus Boots.