"Traditional dress trousers of the Hyrule. The plush fabric makes these trousers quite comfortable, and their high durability makes them ideal for travelers."
— In-game description

The Hylian Trousers are an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a leg armor found by Link in a Treasure Chest in the ruins surrounding the Temple of Time on the Great Plateau. Link can also purchase it from armor shops such as Enchanted in Kakariko Village and Vestest Clothing Boutique in Hateno Village.

The Hylian Trousers worn with the Champion's Tunic appear heavily in promotional artwork of Link for Breath of the Wild. However unlike the Champion's Tunic they are relatively common leg wear and are considered a part of the Hylian Armor set along with the Hylian Hood and Hylian Tunic, though it lacks a set bonus.


It can be enhanced by Great Fairies.

Level Armor Effect Materials
Basic 3
★★ 8


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