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Humans are a race of people that include Hylians, Gerudo, round-eared non-Hylian humans, and possibly other groups (such as the Sheikah). Hylians and Gerudo have been referred to both as human and by their more specific race. The exact terminology for the round-eared, non-Hylian humans however, is unknown. The types of humans are capable of reproduction with one another; Gerudo females and Hylian males produce Gerudo offspring, and one character whose parents are a Hylian and non-Hylian human has a round-eared appearance.

Round Eared Humans

The round eared humans live in Hyrule during the time of A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. These non-Hylian humans are only distinguishable from Hylians by their short, rounded ears, as opposed to the long, pointed ears of the Hylians.

Labrynna and Holodrum's human population seems to be mostly composed of round eared humans with occasional hylians. The exact differences between round eared humans and Hylians has yet to be clarified in the series; occasionally normally Hylian characters such as Malon are portrayed with round ears such as in Oracle of Seasons.

Although non-Hylian humans come to populate many areas of the world, one notable population lives in a secluded village in the Ordona Province in the deep south of Hyrule, where the start of the game Twilight Princess takes place. At this time, there are very few non-Hylian humans in Hyrule that are not originally from Ordona, which may indicate that the Ordonians are the progenitors of the entire race.


Round Eared Humans appear to possess abilities comparable to real world humans and seem to lack the supernatural and magical abilities possessed by Hylians. As a result, Humans seem to rely more on their intelligence and ingenuity. For example, in his youth Mayor Bo manage defeat the Goron Gor Coron in Sumo, by wearing Iron Boots in order to match a Goron's natural heaviness. Humans such as Rusl, Colin, and Jaggle are shown to be capable craftsman, able to construct tools and weaponry such as the Fishing Rod, Ordon Sword, and Ordon Shield, while Barnes is shown to have skill in Bomb making. Ashei, Mayor Bo, and Rusl are shown to have some fighting skill (Ashei is a capable archer, Mayor Bo has a talent for Sumo, and Rusl is a swordsman who trained Link in the art of swordsmanship). Though rare, some round eared humans are magic users, such as Syrup and Maple who are depicted as witches.

Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Marin (Hyrule Warriors)

As part of the Link's Awakening DLC, Marin appears as a DLC character.

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