This article is about the general group of races. For the race, see Human (race).

Humans are a group of specific races that include Hylians, Gerudo, and ordinary Human peoples such as the round-eared non-Hylian humans, but also possibly other groups such as the Sheikah. Hylians and Gerudo have been referred to both as human and by their more specific race. The exact terminology for the round-eared, non-Hylian humans however, is unknown. The types of humans are capable of reproduction with one another; Gerudo females and Hylian males produce Gerudo offspring, and one character whose parents are a Hylian and non-Hylian human has a round-eared appearance.

Human races


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Round Eared Humans

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Supposed Human races


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Wind Tribe

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Ho Ho Tribe

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