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"This great bird is remarkable for its swollen, red throat. It also ingests minerals contained in rocks. The small stones it is not able to fully digest are collected in its throat, which it can then amalgamate and regurgitate as fully formed boulders."

Hroks are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are large birds found in Lanayru Desert. Hroks roost on white trees and do not like others encroaching into their territory. Hroks digest minerals contained in rocks and if Link gets too close to a Hrok's tree, the bird will fly into the air and attempt to regurgitate its last meal in the form of a boulder onto him, circling in the air much like a vulture.


In order to defeat a Hrok, Link must attack from afar. Using the Hook Beetle with a Bomb Flower proves effective, so long as the bird does not notice the Beetle's approach. If it does see the incoming item, it will fly and begin its circling. Later in the game, the Bow is also effective. Whenever a Hrok is defeated, it drops twenty Rupees.

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