"So, with all the adventuring you do...Did you happen to find a Golden Feather?... My girlfriend, she's wanted one of those things for the longest time... And actually, I kind of promised that I'd send one to her..."
— Hoskit

Hoskit is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is one of the Rito guards living on Dragon Roost Island and is assigned guard duty on the second floor, just outside the Rito Chieftain's room.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Unlike the majority of his colleagues, Hoskit is not strictly formal; instead, he is fairly laid-back and seems to put more effort into thinking about how to make his girlfriend happy rather than focusing on his job. Upon first meeting Link, he casually identifies him as an "adventure-guy seeking action and excitement, sailing from island to island".

If Link engages in conversation with him, Hoskit, wanting to find a Golden Feather to present to his girlfriend who has always wanted one, will ask him if has ever seen such a spoil during his travels. Whether he has seen one or not, Hoskit will tell Link that if he ever comes across one, he would be very grateful if he could bring it to him. Interestingly enough though; if presented with one, he will ask Link to bring him as many as 20 instead, wanting to see his girlfriend overjoyed.

If presented with 20 Golden Feathers, Hoskit will give Link 100 Rupees and send the feathers in a letter to his girlfriend right away. At some point after this, his girlfriend will send a letter to Link, personally thanking him and including a Piece of Heart.

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