"On the island due east of here lives an old man who was once a master swordsman. He's got proof of it, too: he has a Knight's Crest. Want to know what the thing is, fry? Well, too bad... I can't go giving away every secret!"

Horseshoe Island is an island found on the Great Sea in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is located near the southwestern corner of the Great Sea, just west of Outset Island. True to its name, the island resembles a horseshoe, complete with a column in its center, which possibly pays homage to the peg featured in the horseshoe game. Seahats can be found hovering around the island.

Upon arrival on Horseshoe Island, Link is greeted by a large nut and vines blocking his path. Beyond the vines, a small glimpse of a flag can be seen, indicating a hole. Throwing the nut into the hole causes the vines to recede into the ground, clearing the path to the next hole, overall very similar to miniature golf. When the entire path is cleared, there is an underground cave containing Mothulas. After all are defeated, Link is rewarded with a Treasure Chart that leads to a Silver Rupee in the Western Fairy Island sector. The pillar in the middle of the island can also be flown to with the Deku Leaf. There is a Treasure Chart there, and it leads to another 200 Rupees which can be found in the Needle Rock Isle sector.