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"Link's beloved steed and most faithful companion. When the gauge is full, charge ahead with a Strong Attack. You can also charge by holding Y at the end of a Combo Attack."
— In-game description

Horse is alternate weapon moveset used by Link in Hyrule Warriors. It allows Link to ride his beloved steed and most faithful companion, Epona into battle. While riding Epona, Link can attack with his Knight's Sword and use his Bow to fire Arrows during combat, while Epona can damage enemies (and objects like grass and pots) by running over them and attacking enemies with her hooves. When Epona's Carrot gauge is full, she can charge ahead with Strong Attack and can charge by holding the Strong Attack button at the end of a combo. Like Link's Knight's Sword, Epona has a Light Elemental Attribute. Interestingly, this weapon type is unique in that Epona can cause damage to enemies/objects just by moving around (damages enemies with her hooves as she gallops around the battlefield).

Interestingly, when using the Hookshot when equipped with this moveset, the Hookshot will pull up both Link and Epona together.

Level 1 is Epona's Hyrule Warriors design, while Level 2 is her Twilight Princess design, and Level 3 is her original Ocarina of Time design.

Weapon Levels

Dark Epona

Hyrule Warriors Level 1 Horse Dark Link & Dark Epona WVW69ialGuYM9xdm4L

Dark Link riding Dark Epona in Hyrule Warriors

If the Dark Link outfit is worn, then Epona will become Dark Epona, sharing the same dark shadowy coloration and red eyes as Dark Link. This effects all levels of this weapon type.


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