"Recommendations... Let me think... Well, everything I sell really. But if you want specifics, there's always swift carrot]]s. My mister grows 'em. They put Kakariko Village on the map. be honest, there's one other crop Kakariko is known for: fortified pumpkins. I'd sell them here, but you see... my mister and the pumpkin farmer- they don't exactly get along. So if you want fortified pumpkins you'll have to get some straight from Olkin's patch."

The High Spirits Produce is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a store managed by Trissa and located at Kakariko Village, in the southwest end. It is an ingredients shop and outside stands a Cooking pot.


The shop sells four ingredients, Bird Eggs, Goat Butter, Swift Carrots and Bokoblin Guts. Trissa specifically recommends Swift Carrots to Link if he asks for her recommendations and she reveals they are grown by her husband Steen.

Item Price
Bird Egg 12
Goat Butter 12
Swift Carrot 16
Bokoblin Guts 77

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