Unofficial Name

"Won't you play hide 'n' seek?"
— Hide 'N' Seek Fairy
Hide 'N' Seek Fairy 1
Hide 'N' Seek Fairy 2
Hide 'N' Seek Fairy 3

The Hide 'N' Seek Fairies are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Three fairies that inhabit the Fairies' Woods in the Present, they enjoy playing hide-and-seek with travelers that wander into their woods by changing the order of the woods in a fashion similar to the Lost Woods.

When Link first enters the Fairies' Woods, the Hide 'N' Seek Fairies will ask him to play hide-and-seek with them. He must find all three of them, who have hidden in various rocks and patches of grass, to progress to the Wing Dungeon. Later, prior to entering Symmetry City, either Ricky, Dimitri, or Moosh will be lost in the woods, due to the fairies playing with them, and must be found.

Interestingly, the Hide 'N' Seek Fairies bear a striking resemblance to the Stray Fairies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

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