"Hestu's beloved maracas. He's been shaking them since he was two years old."
— In-game description

Hestu's Maracas are an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are a pair of maracas that belong to Hestu. While on his way to Kakariko Village, Link encounters a large Korok named Hestu who reveals that his Korok friends played a prank on him and took his maracas. Hestu explains they are in a nearby Bokoblin camp and starts the Side quest "The Priceless Maracas". They can be found inside a Treasure Chest within the camp. Link must return them to Hestu who realizes that his friends have removed the maracas' Korok Seeds which allow the maracas to make noise. Hestu then asks Link to find his fellow Koroks to get the seeds back. Returning the seeds allows Hestu to create additional pouches in Link's inventory (weapons, shield, bows). There are 900 Seeds in all and Hestu will reward Link with Hestu's Gift once he collects all of them in recognition of this accomplishment.

When upgrading Link's inventory, Hestu's Maracas will glow different colors and produce a confetti-like explosion when he completes his dance. Hestu's Maracas glow red when upgrading Link's weapon inventory, green when upgrading his bow inventory, and blue when upgrading his shield inventory. Hestu's Maracas, Kass's concertina, and Monster Horns wielded by enemy sentries are the only musical instruments that appear in Breath of the Wild.


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