Helmethead (ジャーマフェンサー Jāmafensā?, Jama Fencer) is the boss of the Midoro Palace, the second dungeon in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Helmethead wields a sword and shield, yet he does not use them and is similar to both an Iron Knuckle and a Doomknocker. Helmethead attacks by shooting fireballs out of one of his two helmets or eye, depending on what is upon his torso. His weak point is his head: eventually, the two helmets can be knocked off his shoulders, at which point they begin floating around the air, shooting fireballs at Link. At that time, Helmethead will show his real head.


Helmethead (The Adventure of Link)01:04

Helmethead (The Adventure of Link)


The name "Helmethead" was bestowed upon this character due to the many helmets he wears and subsequently uses as weapons against Link.


In Breath of the Wild, there is a bridge called Helmhead Bridge which may be a reference to Helmethead which fits with other bridges named after bosses such as Gleeok Bridge, Manhala Bridge, and Carok Bridge.

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