"This rare mushroom has a rich scent. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts."
Hyrule Compendium

A Hearty Truffle is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a curative item that restore Link's Heart Containers by refilling two Heart Containers. Link can use it as a cooking ingredient to create "Hearty" effect to food. It can also be cooked with a Hearty Lizard and Monster Parts to create Hearty Elixir. When cooking in a pot, each Hearty Truffle adds one Yellow Heart. When cooked alone or with Big Hearty Truffle it will produce Hearty Mushroom Skewer. Link can also roast it using fire or volcanic temperatures to create Toasted Hearty Truffle. Hearty Truffles can be purchased at the East Wind general store in Hateno Village or at the Spore Store in Korok Forest. The traveling merchants Cambo and Kanny will also sell them for 24 Rupees when it rains. Link can also purchase them from Giro at his camp in the forests near Squabble River in West Necluda on the west side of Dueling Peaks. Two Hearty Truffles grow under the Rozel's hut in Lurelin Village which Link can reach by crouching and will occasionally respawn if Link leaves the area.

According to the description of Big Hearty Truffle, if Hearty Truffles remain unpicked for long periods of time will eventually grow into Big Hearty Truffles. The female Hylian traveler Nat loves Hearty Truffles and often drags her sister Meghyn around Hyrule to search for them, often leading to them to be attacked by Bokoblins while forging for them. Link can defeat the Bokoblins to rescue them and will be rewarded with a random item or Rupees provided neither girl is knocked out, however Link is unable to help them actually search for Hearty Truffles.


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