"After wandering into this world I turned into this shape. ... ... ... I enjoyed playing the flute in the original world... ... ... ... There was a small grove where many animals gathered. I want to see that place again... I buried my flute there with some flower seeds. Will you try to find it for me?"
Flute Boy

The Haunted Grove is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Located to the west of Link's House and south of Kakariko Village, it is likely named as such due to the mysterious Flute Boy who can often be seen playing his Flute for the animals in the grove. If someone approaches the boy, he disappears, lending credence to the rumors of the grove being "haunted."


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In the Dark World equivalent of the Haunted Grove, Link encounters the transformed Flute Boy, who explains how he came to be transformed into an anteater-like creature by the nature of the Dark World. He asks Link to recover his Flute, and to aid him with this, gives him the Shovel. If Link returns to the Light World with the Shovel, and digs with it near a flowerbed to the northwest of the central stump portion of the Haunted Grove, he uncovers the buried Flute. Link can play the Flute for the transformed boy in the Dark World to ease his pain and let him pass on to the next world. After the defeat of Ganon, the Flute Boy is seen restored to his human form, playing for the animals of the forest once again.

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