"Hey, boys! Who's up for a game of Hammer Tag? The guy with the hammer is It. If he hits somebody, then that person becomes It. The guy who's It the longest loses. Whaddya say? Give it a try?"
— Host

Hammer Tag is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. One of the many mini-games found in Tingle's Tower, Hammer Tag is a variation of the game "tag." One Link is "it" while the others must run and are "not it." The goal of the game is for "it" to hit one of the other players with his hammer to become "not it." The person who is "it" moves at a faster speed than those who are "not it." Both the Light World and Dark World serve as playing fields, with portals between the realms appearing randomly. Like the other mini-games in Four Swords Adventures, the person who obtains the most Force Gems, as well as the winner of Hammer Tag, will be rewarded with a Force Fairy given by Tingle.

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