Gut Check Rock is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Eldin Canyon region of Hyrule, just north of Death Mountain. The Gorae Torr Shrine stands there.

Gut Check Rock is a large tor on an island surrounded by a mixture of deep and shallow hot spring water, which regenerates Link's health at a rate of one heart every four seconds. The ground itself is dry and rocky, covered in many sparse trees, most of which have Sunshrooms growing around their trunk can be cut down for fire wood.

Aside from the Sizzlefin Trout and Warm Darners found in and around the water the area surrounding Gut Check Rock is home to an abundance of bird life with a heavy population of golden sparrows, hotfeather pigeons and Eldin ostriches.

However, Gut Check Rock is also home to several enemies with a Black Hinox to the northeast, Stalmoblins spawning at night, and a skull shaped cave to the south filled with Bokoblins and Lizalfos. The cave itself has a Cooking pot outside along with a Rusty Broadsword and Halberd, a Seared Steak roasting on a spit and an abundance of creates and barrels (which contain a mix of arrows, raw and cooked food, Rupees and one small chuchu), there are also some exploding barrels round the back. Inside are a Dragonbone Boko Club and Shield, a barrel (containing some food and a small Chuchu) and a treasure chest that has a Ruby within.

The two Gorons Heehl and Kabetta can be found at the bottom of the tor along with a campfire and two updrafts (one to the southwest and the other to the northeast) allowing Link to easily reach the top.

Link can find Bayge at the top of Gut Check Rock along with five pillars of rock which are arranged in a circle. Each pillar has a small rock placed towards the circles outer rim with the exception of the northernmost one where the rock is positioned towards the center, if Link moves this rock to match the others a Korok will be revealed.

Gorae Torr Shrine

The Gorae Torr Shrine can be accessed by Link at top of the Gut Clench Rock by speaking to Bayge and completing "The Gut Check Challenge" Shrine quest. Both the Gut Check Challenge and, upon its completion, the Super Gut Check Challenge mini games can be replayed by Link as many times as he likes.