"No one knows where he gets his spending money from, but this nifty sailor spends night after night unwinding at the auction."

Gummy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is a sailor who was born on Windfall Island, and has lived there his entire life. Every night when the Hall of Wealth is open, he goes to bid on items that Zunari is selling. Among the bidders, he is arguably the richest and most assertive. If Link talks to him after the Windfall Auction is complete, he teaches the hero that the trick to winning the auction is to raise the price by only a few Rupees each time, then raise the price by a large amount to dumbfound his competition.

According to the Nintendo Gallery, Gummy's favorite spice is pepper.


Gummy's name may be a reference to chewing gum or gummi bears. Two other sailors who live on Windfall Island, Candy and Kane, also have candy-themed names.

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