Guardian Scouts are enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are the second most common type of the Guardian enemies. They appear in Shrines and Divine Beasts. They are meant to simulate human combat and acted as autonomous soldiers for Hyrule before the Great Calamity. Almost all of the Guardian Scout remain out of Calamity Ganon's control, unlike the rest of the Guardians. This is due to most of them being enclosed within Shrines. Calamity Ganon did, however, take control of the ones within the Divine Beasts. The ones in the Shrines are used to test Link's combat abilities, and are almost always placed within the "Test of Strength" trials. They initially appear as miniature versions of Guardian Stalkers, and some of them remain this way. Most of them, however, extend into taller versions of themselves capable of wielding Guardian Swords, Guardian Spears, Ancient Battle Axes, and Guardian Shields.


When fighting Guardian Scouts in their smaller form, they can only fire lasers, which are much weaker than those of Guardian Stalkers. They can be easily defeated with most weapons, and are never placed in the "Test of Strength" trials.

Guardian Scouts in the "Minor Test of Strength" trials and some other trials can wield one Guardian/Ancient weapon or a Guardian/Ancient Weapon+ and a Guardian Shield. They start out by approaching Link and swinging their weapon, which can easily be dodged to perform a Flurry Rush. After a few swings, they will back up and begin spinning their arms and charging toward Link. They can be tricked into smashing a pillar if he stands behind one while they begin spinning their arms, which stuns them for a short time. After half of their HP has been deteriorated, they will start using the laser in their head to create a gust of wind that Link can use to paraglide over the laser and attack the Guardian.

Guardian Scouts in higher levels of the Test of Strength wield more weapons than their lesser brethren; those found in "Modest Test of Strength" trials can wield two weapons, while those in "Major Test of Strength" trials can wield up to three weapons of any level (normal, +, or ++). They will attack with one of their weapons before repeating the cycle of the lower level Guardian Scout's combat.

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