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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Guardians are enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are a group of mechanical enemies, all sharing a similar design and being products of the ancient Sheikah tribe's technology. They were originally programmed to defend Hyrule. However, upon the second rise of Calamity Ganon, the beast corrupted and took control of all the Guardians, turning them against Hyrule as extremely hostile beasts capable of ravaging an entire town alone.

List of Guardian types

There are several variations of these enemies:

Guardian Stalkers

Main article: Guardian Stalker

The Guardian Stalkers found across Hyrule landscapes are large, mechanical spider-like creatures that remain inactive until Link approaches. They can fire energy beams from their eye. This energy beam will explode upon impact. If timed correctly, Link can use a shield block to reflect Guardians' energy beams. Although found mostly in Central Hyrule near Hyrule Castle, some defective ones can be found, in particular at the Temple of Time's ruins near the Great Plateau. Shooting an arrow to its eye can stun it for a short time.

Guardian Scouts

Main article: Guardian Scout

Guardian Scouts can also be found in Shrines and Divine Beasts, they can wield and drop Guardian Swords, Guardian Spears, Ancient Battle Axes, and Guardian Shields of any weapon level (normal, +, and ++).

Guardian Skywatchers

Main article: Guardian Skywatcher

Guardian Skywatchers are flying Guardians found in certain parts of Hyrule, particularly south of Tabantha Tower and Akkala Highlands. They have the same HP, weapon, and body to the Guardian Stalkers.

Decayed Guardians

Main article: Decayed Guardian

Decayed Guardians are immobilized versions of Guardian Stalkers located around Hyrule Field and near Ja Baij Shrine (albeit disguised as defective). They are less durable compared to Stalkers, Turrets, and Skywatchers.

Guardian Turrets

Main article: Guardian Turret

They are found exclusively in Hyrule Castle. Guardian Turrets behave identically to Decayed Guardians, only with more health and vertical range.


Main article: Sentry

They are found exclusively in Death Mountain. Sentries, like the Guardian Skywatchers, hover in the skies and although they are incapable of attacking directly, they can alert any nearby enemies.

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