Grilled Rock Roast is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a Goron food dish that is created by Cooking a Rock Roast in a Cooking Pot. When consumed it gives Gorons a huge boost in energy.

As Grilled Rock Roasts are inedible to Hylians and uncooked Rock Roasts only appear during the "A Brother's Roast" Shrine Quest, Link himself is unable to cook it or consume one himself. During the quest, Link is asked to bring a Rock Roast for Gonguron in so it can be cooked in a nearby Cooking Pot to give Gonguron the energy he needs to finish digging Gorko Tunnel and uncover the hidden Kayra Mah Shrine, proving its existence to his brother Bladon. Interestingly, despite being essentially cooked rock, it appears to have a somewhat meat like texture which Gorons can chew due to their teeth being adapted to chewing hard rocks. It is considered by Gorons to be a delicious meal.

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