Great Hyrule (aka Greater Hyrule) is a land alluded to in several sources including the The Great Hyrule Encyclopedia, Great Hyrulean Sea, and Great Hyrule Forest.


The exact meaning of this term is not clear but in some cases it might refer to the "greater" Hyrule Kingdom or continents (including both Eastern Hyrule and Western Hyrule), as opposed to Lesser Hyrule which is only the region south of Death Mountain that many of the games take place in.

Alternatively in some uses it may just mean simply a "great sea" in Hyrule, or "great forest' in Hyrule, and simply have no connection beyond mere coincidence in similar sounding names.

In Breath of the Wild "Greater Hyrule" is used in Hyrule Compendium to designate the entirety of the "Hyrule" seen in the game (an area known as Lesser Hyrule in Hyrule Historia).

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